Inspire Kids to Eat Healthy with “Little Belly Monster” Cookbook Stories

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There’s no better way to get children excited about healthy eating than introducing them to “Little Belly Monster Makes a Pizza” and “Little Belly Monster Makes French Toast,” the first two books in a series that’s created a new literary genre for kids: the Cookbook Story. Kid-friendly recipes are broken down into bite-sized stories that kids can easily follow, with the help of a healthy food-loving monster.

Written for kids 3 to 8 years old, each book is a beautifully illustrated story of an adorable monster who makes a single, step-by-step recipe. But, unlike traditional kids’ cookbooks, actually making the recipe is optional. Readers can opt to make these easy, kid-tested favorites or just read them as charming picture books that inspire healthy eating.

Little Belly Monster always uses lots of wholesome ingredients, while sharing everyday cooking skills and safety tips. The recipes are simple enough to execute any day of the week. With quick reference shopping lists and alternate ingredient possibilities, they can accommodate busy families, picky eaters or even culinary adventurers. And with the popularity of kids’ cooking shows like “Master Chef Junior”, they’re the perfect choice for budding foodies!

Kids are spontaneously reading “Little Belly Monster” Cookbook Stories over and over, unknowingly complementing healthy-kid initiatives, such as those led by Michelle Obama and Jamie Oliver. The books been praised by kids, parents, teachers, retailers and reviewers alike.

“GREAT storybook and cookbook mom and kids will love.” – Lyranda Martin Evans, blogger and co-author of “Reasons Mommy Drinks”

“It’s a great way to get kids excited about eating healthy, and they won’t even realize they’re eating whole wheat pita and lots of veggies.” – Celine Wong, producer at “Chopped Canada”

“…I know my own cookbook collection will be enriched with Margaret John’s clever series.” – Gabriela Perdomo, EcoParent Magazine

“Little Belly Monster Makes a Pizza” and “Little Belly Monster Makes French Toast” are truly unlike any other, with more on the horizon. Watch for the next two delicious books, “Little Belly Monster Packs a Lunch” and “Little Belly Monster Makes a Super Smoothie,” serving up next!

Healthy Road Food for Kids Starts with Bringing a Cup: Tips for a Well-Balanced Road Trip

After travelling back and forth on various road trips with the kids over the years, I’ve discovered that the key utensil for healthy car eating is the road cup.  Yes, it’s that simple.

road fruit cupI now always travel with a set of reusable, stackable plastic cups, enough for each passenger in the car (or plane or train).  It makes life so much easier.  The cup is perfect for holding a decent amount of food, managing portion control and has the flexibility of sharing lots of small, healthy bits, without hands flying everywhere and food all over the ground.

Depending on how long of a trip, the kids seem to be hungry practically every hour or 150 km (how is it possible to get that hungry just sitting there?).  This can add up to a lot of calories and junk food, if you’re not careful.  For those long rides, pass out the nutritious treats like a layered cake – just one or two things at a time so they don’t get bored of any one snack, plus you can control the timing and amounts of each layer.

road veggie cupAs an opening strategy, since I’m the one in the passenger’s seat, doling out the snacks, I always start with the cup-o-veggies first.  Like in any meal (even the well-balanced road trip meal), they’re always the toughest sell.  But when you start with the veggies, it gets them out of the way, the kids are at their hungriest so they will complain the least, and, they know that they need to get through that first cup, before they get to the other good stuff.  After this first course, you can relax.  The other snacks can be distributed in almost any order because you know they will get eaten.

The secret to a healthy road trip, and really, any good trip, is just a little prep before you go.  Thinking ahead and doing a little chopping beforehand will go a long way.  Here are some healthy snack ideas that are great for the road, as long as you have that cup:


  • Baby carrots
  • Cut cucumbers, red peppers or celery
  • Hummus for dipping – also good for protein and fiber (bring a spoon for scooping)


  • Berries
  • Apple or peach slices
  • Cut pineapple or melon


  • Cheese strings

Note:  If you’re travelling for more than an hour or so, make sure to keep perishables cold with an ice pack.

Healthy Snack Foods

  • Popcorn
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Pretzels
  • Raisins, dried mangoes or other 100% fruit snacks
  • Nuts


  • Water!!!!

You don’t need to get fancy.  Everyone could use more water to keep hydrated, it won’t spoil, has no sugar or calories and, unlike juice or soft drinks, the kids likely won’t drink it so fast that you have to pull over for pee stops every half hour.  I love the Thermos insulated, stainless steel water bottles.  Add a couple of ice cubes and the water stays cool and refreshing for hours.

Enjoy the ride.


Little Belly Monster on the Road with Cookbook Stories & Special Pizza Activity

We hosted our first combo, “Little Belly Monster Makes a Pizza,” reading and paper pizza activity day!

pizza activity

In the past, we’ve read the books and actually made the delicious pizza and French toast recipes with kids, but the kind folks at Indigo, in the Manulife Centre/Toronto, challenged us to put together an event that didn’t require food, a stove or an oven.  As a series of cookbook stories, that was tricky but we managed a great little cut-out pizza package with lots of tasty, healthy topping options.  The event on July 22 was a big hit with the kids.

Still working out the details of getting them permanently into Indigo, but in the meantime, you can find the books available online or in stores at:

Or, to book an event, contact us at

activity set       LBM at Indigo jul22

pizza with mom       pizza!

pizza1       finished pizzas