The Delicious Versatility of Avocados That Kids Love

A friend of mine once described avocados as “nature’s mayonnaise”.  I’ve never forgotten it because I strongly believe this to be true.  The melt-in-your mouth, creamy texture of that little fruit can add so much flavor to even the most mundane of dishes.

My kids are strong advocates, too, and like it in almost anything – an easy victory in the healthy eating front.  Try some of their favorites with your family:

• In salads.  Cut into cubes and added on top.  It helps make the greens go down way easier.

•  In sandwiches.  Add slices to any sandwich, hot or cold.  Especially on chicken or turkey.  Wow.

• On whole wheat toast.  So simple but so delicious.  Restaurants have started serving this at fancy brunches but you can easily do it at home for a fraction of the price.  If you want some restaurant pizzazz, add a dash of kosher salt and a squirt of lime juice on top.

• In wraps.  The kids love it in any form of taco, burrito, quesadilla or sandwich wrap.  In slices or as guacamole.

• In sushi rolls (maki).  Find them at restaurants, make them at home or buy them at the grocery store – they’ve become so much more accessible.

• On it’s own.  Sometimes I just cut an avocado in half, take the pit out and give the kids spoons to scoop it out.  It’s easy for me and fun for them to do themselves.

The only trick to the avocado is that you are at the mercy of when it’s ripe. Leave it out on the counter to ripen.  It should have a little give when you squeeze it gently.  If it’s too hard, it will taste chalky and gross.  Too soft and it may be brown and moldy-tasting.  You have a day or two to use it at its peek.  Or put it in the fridge after its ripe to preserve for an extra day or so.

It sounds trickier than it is.  You can quickly learn the primetime of an avocado.  And it’s definitely worth the small effort.

Chicken Taco with Homemade Guacamole