Healthy Road Food for the Kids

Mornings. I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m really not a morning person. As much as I try to get up, my warm bed calls for me to stay. This isn’t so bad on the weekends but during the week, getting the kids to school can be brutal.

The other problem is, I’m also a hardcore believer that kids need a good breakfast to start the day. I believe the studies that say they actually learn better because it improves their concentration, not even to mention their mood. So how do I resolve my morning sluggishness with my food beliefs? Well, quite honestly, sometimes not very well. That’s when the road breakfast comes into play.

For these days, I like to keep a stash of healthy granola bars (read the labels first. Lots of them have tons of fat and sugar) and cheese strings on hand.  Fast and easy.  But the fruit/veggie food group is always the hard part to figure out, as in any meal – I’ve never had trouble getting carbs or cheese into them.

I’ve come up with a solution that I’m quite happy with: the cup of fruit to go.  I’ve discovered that the sitting and eating part is what can really slow you down.  But the road fruit actually only takes an extra 2 minutes to put, say, a banana and some apple slices in a cup. And it’s portable and easy for the kids to carry. They can hold it and eat while walking to school or sitting in the car. I don’t recommend it for biking though…

I usually like to have at least 2 different fruits to keep it interesting – I find they tend to eat more fruit this way.  Here’s our latest road fruit cup – 1/2 banana, apple slices and blueberries.

The road veggie cup works just as well. Made this one today en route to one of 3 kids’ parties today (!) – red peppers and cucumber. I wanted to get a few healthy things in before we got to the first one. My hubby thinks I’m crazy but do you see what they eat at birthday parties?