Easy Healthy Cheats for Boxed Pancake Mix

It’s true. I’m shameless when it comes to adding healthy goodness to my family’s food. The good news is that this can even be done to convenience foods, with little or no objections from the kids.

In the morning, I don’t like to fuss around too much because generally, the monsters are ready to bite my arm off by the time breakfast is ready. So, on the weekend, when I’m not waiting for the kids to make me breakfast 😉 I’ll use a store-bought pancake mix that allows me to add my own egg and milk, and then sneak in a couple of teaspoons of flaxseeds (I leave a container in the fridge for easy access). After I drop this super mix onto the griddle, I add a load of blueberries into each pancake (fresh or frozen works), for the super duper version. It usually takes an extra minute or two to cook through, but it’s worth the wait.