The Monsters Made Us Breakfast-in-Bed!

What a great way to start the morning. After a long and busy week at work, Dado and I opted to sleep in this morning. Heard the monsters playing and rummaging around downstairs in my blissful half-sleep mode.

Next thing we know, we hear little feet coming up the stairs and the clanking of dishes. Big smiles on their faces as they walk into our room. Moh is holding breakfast and Little Belly is holding the newspaper. Amazing. I’m sure, subconsciously, there was some degree of self-preservation in there, since it was getting late and they couldn’t wait for breakfast any longer, but I’ll take it!

Moh (8) made us vanilla yogurt with flax seeds, raspberries and granola. We ran out of berries so she cut up pieces of apple on the side (her years of food training has taught her the importance of fruits and veggies). It was so cute and so tasty that I may never wake up early on the weekend again! But my question now is, at what age can I teach them how to make a cappuccino?